Watch Netflix and plant trees

Submitted Apr 2020

All Netflix users combined emit as much CO2 in 1 second as driving a car 3.8x around the world. Reduce your footprint while you stream by planting trees each month for as little as $1 buck per month. 60% of the internet’s emissions comes from video streaming. You may not know it. But just like driving, chilling at home binging on Netflix also has an impact on the environment. Streaming videos, like other digital activities uses energy. From the data centres where these files are stored, to the fans that keep them cool, to the internet infrastructure that delivers the shows to your device and the phone (or laptop) your using to read this all require electricity to work. Although, more often than not, this energy comes from power plants that still burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil. These things as you well know produce carbon dioxide and other harmful stuff that hurts our environment. Hey, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We plant trees based on the amount of Netflix you watch to help you reduce your footprint. How it works 1 Have a long hard think about how much Netflix you watch. 2 Then, choose the tree planting plan that tickles your fancy. 3 Sign up. And start planting trees while you stream.


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